Anticipated Releases

With only eleven months remaining between now and the year all the world’s governments have to start delivering on all the things they put off ‘til 2020, or else develop new excuses and targets, we at Ouroborus intend to deliver early! We’ve compiled a list of our upcoming releases, which will filter out onto our shelves in the coming year, with six of our authors returning to the page with new titles across the genres of fantasy, paranormal and horror. Do you follow one of our writers? Read on to see if they have a 2019 release!

CHILDRENfront.jpgChildren of the Locomotive

Mitchell Tierney

Three children are destined to die in the small town of Hope Valley. Surrounded by poverty and drugs, the trio find an old train, buried for years and left to rot. They must get the train going and leave the town before it’s too late… Expect to see Ouroborus Books’ first adult horror title out in the first half of 2019.



Danica Peck

Amity believes fate has dealt her a bad hand of cards. Bonded with the brother of the man she loves and cursed to a lifestyle that will turn her village against her, she runs – but no matter how far you run, fate will catch you. Look out for this standalone paranormal romance novelette by mid-year.


haunted 2.jpgHaunted

Shayla Morgansen

The Elm Stone Saga moves into ever darker territory with this fourth instalment picking up immediately after the explosive ending of Unbidden. For both Aristea and Renatus, the past, their fears and their secrets are beginning to catch up, and lines once clearly drawn in the sand are blurring. Haunted will launch mid-2019.  *not final cover


eye of the storm front.jpgEye of the Storm

Annalise Azevedo

The second book in the YA paranormal fantasy series The Sacred Stone continues to follow Laria, Brodie, Jason and their friends as they come into their powers. They have to face their darkness. Unable to go back to where they began, are they ready to find themselves?


lost preview.jpg

The Lost

Amanda Geisler

After killing her alpha, and human society finding out about things that go bump in the night, Rya Garcia tries desperately to bring back a sense of normal to the town of Wolfridge. However, with the threat of Michael looming over their heads, our favourite supernaturals are just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Look out for The Lost late 2019. *not final cover


Untitled-1.jpgThe Lost Heirs

Danica Peck

The Battles of Azriel series is about to get its third instalment. Aubrey has taken back Alesmera and Arya re-enters the world of war. The question is, will she be fighting side by side with Arielle, or will she have her own battles to win?

*not final cover



The Red Gentleman

Robert Barlow

The third book in The Laughing Man Chronicles. Adam’s stressful life running an interdimensional carnival takes a dark turn when an associate turned enemy comes to his door. Xavier, the Red Gentleman, has a plan to kill the King of The Eternal Flame that will take them across dimensions and face to face with what The Laughing Man fears most. *not final cover




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